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We are quite quirky and unique. This is because our experience gives us a clear understanding of what we are doing. Our approach often leads to more economical and structurally better solutions. Our individuality is, therefore, our added value.

A good example of this is the multi functional application of the castellated beam. Devised, developed and perfected by us. We demand a lot from ourselves: ‘can’t’ doesn’t fit our way of thinking. This often leads to practical and cost-efficient solutions.

Where one person sees obstacles, we see opportunities. Thanks to a strong mix of experience, knowledge and down-to-earth craftsmanship, we have become one of the most renowned steel builders in the Netherlands. And we are – rather un-Dutch – very proud of that.


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In house

At Holland Staal we have experienced constructors. Always looking for cost-saving and smarter solutions. The more difficult the assignment, the more our engineers are in their element. We repudiate the phenomenon of overdimensioning. We think ‘less is more’, as long as the legal safety standards and practical use are not compromised, of course.

A team of experienced
3D draftsmen

Our team of 3D draftsmen is very experienced and together they know all the ins and outs of the steel construction industry. Sometimes even with a lot of practical experience from installation. During the design process, our draftsmen have close contact with our clients and do not shy away from confrontation. For them too, nothing is self-evident and that things can always be different and better. Practical and smart constructions are the result.

Castellated beams and
integrated floor beams

We have built up an excellent reputation with castellated beams. Simply by applying them in an innovative way. This not only requires extensive expertise, craftsmanship and inventiveness. But also the courage to deviate from the beaten track. And we do that regularly. What isn’t there yet, we make ourselves. According to our own design and down to the smallest detail in accordance with the prevailing standards and requirements.

Pretreatment of steel

To guarantee good quality, it is important to work with clean steel. We remove rust and mill scale from the steel with our own blasting machine. Because blasting does not have to be done externally, clean steel is guaranteed. Even if the project planning turns out differently than expected.

Powder coating

In our opinion, this is an excellent way to preserve steel. It combines enormous durability with an attractive appearance. And it is friendly to both the environment and our client’s wallet. At our company in Zwaag we have one of the largest fully automatic powder coating lines and ovens in Europe. Managed by experienced professionals with an eye for detail and a passion for quality.

Wet paint & fire-resistant coating

If powder coating is not an option, wet painting is a good alternative. Our wet paint hall is equipped with professional wet paint technicians who have elevated spraying to an art. Because fire resistance requirements are becoming increasingly strict, we have also focused on fire-resistant preservation of steel. A special profession because applying fire-resistant coating is a complex matter.

Holland Staal specializes in the design, calculation, production, preservation, and assembly of steel structures. Recognizing that our clients may have unique requirements, we have established sister companies to handle specific aspects of our processes. This collaborative approach ensures that all your needs are expertly met. Whether you have a query for us or prefer to connect directly with one of our specialized divisions, we’re here to assist. Reach out to us with your questions, or contact a division directly for tailored support.

For construction calculations:

For preserving steel:

For the production of castellated beams and profiles:


Impressie serverkasten data center

Since 2015, we have been a trusted partner for realizing Data Centers. We provide both primary and secondary steel.

Impressie VUMC Amsterdam
VUMC Amsterdam

For our client MedicomZes, we provided the steel structure for the new construction 'VUmc RDC and Atrium in Amsterdam'.

Impressie sporthal Elzenhagen
Sports Complex Elzenhagen Amsterdam

For our client K. Dekker Bouw en Infra B.V., we provided the steel structure for the sustainable and high-quality sports complex 'Elzenhagen'.

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