Corporate Social Responsibility

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As an organization, we bear responsibility for society and take the climate, inclusivity and fair chains into account in our processes and activities. Our standards and values are laid down in our CSR and diversity policy.



Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Holland Staal values ethical and responsible behavior. We expect the same from our (temporary) employees, suppliers, and clients. To act uniformly, Holland Staal has established a social policy that every (temporary) employee is bound to. To be able to carry out our policy outside our organization, we adhere to the following pillars.


We value honest business practices without corruption, bribery, or kickbacks. Bribery involves inducing someone with gifts, services, relationship management, or promises to do or refrain from doing something, with the desired result of gaining unfair business advantages, whether intended or unintended. We expect the same from our suppliers and clients.


Holland Staal aims to prevent employees from being underpaid or treated unfairly in any other way. We follow the Metalektro Collective Labour Agreement (CAO). The remuneration structure of the Metalektro CAO also applies to temporary workers, and additionally, we ensure the treatment of temporary staff aligns with the Law to Address Sham Arrangements (WAS). This means all our temporary employees receive at least the legal minimum wage via bank transfer, accompanied by a clear and understandable payslip. We only use specified, reputable (SNA Declaration) temp agencies and always check their practices beforehand.


Holland Staal prohibits discrimination in any form. We respect human rights and are unconditionally committed to ethical conduct in our activities to prevent slavery and human trafficking, including forced labor and child labor. This applies not only to our actions but also to those of our suppliers and clients. Suppliers must demonstrate that they provide safe working conditions, treat employees with dignity and respect, and act ethically and within the law in the use of labor.


At Holland Staal, we are continually working on a sustainable procurement policy. When purchasing products, we consider their impact on the environment and humanity. By considering climate neutrality, circularity, and fair chains in our activities and processes, we enhance the sustainable character of our organization, thereby securing our future sustainability.

A summary of our values and pillars is recorded in our policy statement, acknowledged, and signed by the management of Holland Staal.

Policy Statement

Diversity Policy

At our company, everyone is welcome, and we treat everyone equally. Anyone who wants to use their talents to achieve our objectives is given the opportunity to do so within our available positions. By focusing not on differences but on what unites us, our policy goes beyond diversity and is more about inclusivity; how we ensure that everyone can participate and no one feels excluded or out of place. It’s important that our employees are skilled. Therefore, we recognize, appreciate, and utilize the differences between our employees so that everyone can bring out the best in themselves. Equal opportunities for everyone!

Our pillars:


Our HR officer is an independent person who maintains objectivity. This ensures our diversity policy is upheld in recruitment, training, and promotion.


Adapting policy if it could hinder inclusivity. An example of this is adjusting the selection procedure to make it accessible to individuals with a disability or limitation.


We use neutral job descriptions, and our vacancies are also announced through various organizations that work with specific target groups.

Lessons Learned

For example, understanding the reasons for departures. All colleagues who leave have a retrospective conversation.