Quality and safety
are always central

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Our Two Main Foundations:


Product leadership

Producing and delivering products and services that meet the requirements, wishes and expectations of our customers, and that comply with applicable laws and regulations.


Operational excellence

Increasing efficiency, productivity and shortening lead times by continuously improving our processes and organization.

Certified since:






NEN-EN 1090

Holland Staal is certified according to NEN-EN 1090. This means that we are authorized to issue a CE declaration for the products we supply and install. This includes, where applicable, structural design and structural calculation, and/or detailing.

The standard has 4 execution classes, which, depending on the risks, set increasingly higher demands on quality assurance. We are certified to manufacture steel structures up to and including execution class 3 (EXC3). This is the second most demanding class. This means that we can issue a CE marking for the sheds we build, as well as for more complex steel structures in publicly accessible buildings and applications.

EXC3 applies to buildings that are higher than 15 stories. Large roof constructions and structures in public places such as train stations and bus stations also fall under this class, as do bridges, pile constructions, towers, cantilevered buildings, and large chimneys for factories.

We can issue a CE marking for all our projects, demonstrating that the completed construction complies with NEN-EN-1090-1.

Quality Assurance

Our quality system includes:

  • Certified welding methods.
  • Qualified welders.
  • FPC system according to NEN-EN-3834-2.
  • Re-stamping of steel profiles according to NEN-EN-10204.

Our welding coordinator, an IWT welding technician (NL-488) with 32 years of experience at Holland Staal – SKO registered under number 110066 – is committed daily to guaranteeing our quality in production. Our products are continuously checked for welding connections and dimensions. Any deviations are recorded and dealt with immediately. Welders and construction workers are regularly tested on their skills and the quality of their work. Continuous encouragement and coaching of employees ensure that they bring out the best in themselves. This is reflected in our products.

In addition, our QHSE officer continuously looks for ways to improve our processes and work more efficiently. She also ensures that our policy and requirements regarding NEN-EN 1090 and VCA* are implemented in our business processes.


Safety First

To enhance safety on construction sites, Holland Staal is VCA* certified. This means that our employees are aware of the hazards around them. This helps us prevent dangerous situations and accidents. We also consider the effects of our operations on people, the environment, and society, and implement improvements where possible.

Steel construction involves many risky tasks, such as working with aerial platforms, forklift trucks, telehandlers, (overhead) cranes, etc. In addition to the VCA certificate, all employees performing risky tasks undergo a safety training specific to their task every 5 years – and more often if the situation requires it. Our field service employees actively participate in inductions, toolbox meetings, and conduct active workplace inspections.

Would you like to know more about our HSE policy? See the link below for our policy statement.


Safety System

Our safety system includes creating a work environment where all employees feel comfortable, appreciated, and can work safely. Prevention of environmental impact and improvement of environmental performance also play a significant role. With our years of experience with various clients, we have built a knowledge base that provides for the evaluation and assurance of risks, assembly plans, and lessons learned. This allows us to act at an early stage and offer support to our clients to carry out the work as safely and efficiently as possible. Depending on the type of project, we provide the necessary documentation such as:

  • H&S Plan (Health & Safety Plan)
  • HSE Manual (Health, Safety, and Environment Manual)
  • Method Statement (Assembly Plan)
  • Risk Assessments (Risk Analysis and Evaluation)
  • Lifting Plans (Lifting Plan)
  • COSHH Assessments (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Assessments)
  • Project Risk Register (General Project Risks)

Stamping of steel


Holland Staal is authorized to re-stamp material data of delivered metal products in accordance with NEN-EN-10204.

Delivered steel products are accompanied by a material certificate (3.1). This certificate contains specific information about the product. It is linked to a heat number that is applied to the material.

When processing and cutting material, the heat number is no longer present on the cut or sawed parts. Therefore, these parts are no longer identifiable or traceable. The heat number cannot be simply applied to cut or sawed parts. Authorization is required for this. This authority is achieved with the NEN-EN-10204 certificate.