Waterland transshipment terminal Amsterdam

In 1997, Amsterdam’s Westhaven had a scoop with the very first covered loading and unloading facility for seagoing vessels.

The project had to be completed within 3 months, including the foundation and all necessary building elements and facilities. Holland Staal did not shy away from it, delivered on time and thus heralded the start of a long and fruitful collaboration.

Construction of a second terminal started in 2002. And in 2007 the green light is given for a 3rd terminal. And Holland Staal is present again. There is a new set of requirements: the clearance must be at least 2 meters higher. What seems impossible at first turns out to be possible. Holland Staal develops and builds a structure with which the 70-ton overhead crane can be lifted while sailing in.


m² floor area


tons of steel