Canteen renovation

From outdated to contemporary

The past 9 weeks have been marked by a remarkable transformation at Holland Staal. Our office building, dating back to 1981, had until recently a canteen that had hardly changed. Despite some cosmetic updates here and there, it was far from cozy. It was high time for a thorough change!

This meant that our employees had no access to the canteen for over 2 months. Fortunately, they showed understanding and patience, and we are incredibly grateful for that! During the renovation, we placed two temporary units on our intermediate terrain, and an old office in the production area served as a temporary coffee corner.

With the help of an architect, we transformed our canteen into a contemporary, inviting space where our employees can relax with pleasure.

This renovation marks a new chapter for Holland Staal, in which we continue to invest in a better working environment and the well-being of our employees. We are convinced that our renewed canteen will strengthen team spirit and productivity, and we can’t wait to welcome visitors and guests to this inspiring space.



From old to new: