A new challenge for Tim van der Hert

Tim van der Hert has been part of the Holland Staal family since September 2002.

Back then, he was almost fresh out of school and inexperienced. Now, nearly 20 years later, he is one of the most experienced draftsmen with no small number of projects to his name. Such as the Circustheater in Scheveningen, the Falcon Terminal in the Western Port Area, and the entrance canopy of the AMC in Amsterdam. And if you’re driving around in the Kop van Noord-Holland, there’s a good chance his name is on the drawings of the bulb sheds you see. So it was quite a shock when Tim announced his resignation.

He’s not dissatisfied, but after 19 years, as a draftsman, you know all the ins and outs, and there’s little excitement left. Discussions followed. Unfortunately, Holland Staal doesn’t have any other positions that Tim would want to sink his teeth into. A separation was thus inevitable. We understand Tim’s choice and wish him this challenge. The management still considers Tim a champ, so that says enough about the person Tim.

Just 2 more working days and then it’s goodbye, tschüss, arrivederci, adios.

Tim, we – Holland Staal – are going to miss you. Your knowledge, your quickness to adapt. But also your humor, and even your sulkiness (present in a healthy dose). No company party will be the same without you.

The management and staff of Holland Staal wish you much success with your new employer. Farewell!