A new coffee machine

”Opinions were divided and coffee drinkers were directly opposed to each other. One person thought the coffee was delicious, the other politely declined it. Of course it wasn’t that intense, but it appeals to the imagination.

Our buyer Rick was appointed for the coffee debacle. His task became to find a coffee machine that would be appreciated by everyone.

After thorough research and market exploration, Rick entered into a partnership with Koffie Holland. Before the construction holiday, a demo model was installed and a survey form was distributed to all employees with general questions about quality, speed and variations.

After our annual summer leave, all surveys were analyzed and Rick presented his opinion to the management based on the results.

In September the time had come. The coffee machines were installed. There is something for everyone. Cappuccino, espresso, coffee, tea and hot chocolate. In addition, everything can be individually adjusted to strength. This does have some consequences for the lead time of the machine, but we accept that. The coffee is delicious!