Half a century! Jubilee John Bultstra
50 years of service.

Saturday, April 14, 2020. John Bultstra shows off with photo and text in the regional newspaper. Rightly so!

It started in 1968, a young John Bultstra who lost the desire for learning towards the end of primary school and preferred to work. So after the school holidays, John went from holiday worker to employee at J. Jongejans and Zn. who had a flower bulb company.

When three years later Jan’s son, the handy Jaap Jongejans, started building his own bulb shed because growers at that time had little else to do in the winter, John helped diligently. In the spring the work on the bulbs started again and how unfortunate, John drove the tractor – with thatch on the roof – into the guy wires and pulled over Jaaps’ entire construction. Trusses bent, anchors out of the concrete. Neighbors said it was a shame. A bulb grower who builds his own shed, ‘of course that was not possible’. Within one week, Jaap managed to rebuild the structure by straightening the bent beams. The contractor who repaired the concrete in the meantime was very impressed by this piece of craftsmanship. And John defended Jaap on all fronts the next time someone thought he was funny. Steel was becoming popular in the sheds and the contractor wanted Jaap and John to fabricate it for him. The following winter, a large warehouse for Breg in the Noordoostpolder was the next project. With enough requests from surrounding gardeners and bulb farmers, Jaap Jongejans continued in steel construction, and John went with him. While autumn storms regularly blew down bulb sheds, Jaap Jongejans’s remained standing proudly.

In the following years, the company grew into a renowned steel construction company. John was once the jack of all trades, but at Jongejans Staalbouw he grew from mechanic to chief mechanic and has helped build countless projects. He also experienced the takeover of Flevo Staalbouw in Zwaag in 2001, followed by the name change to Holland Staal decades later. There is not a shed or shed in the region that John has not contributed to. John also has more impressive projects in his portfolio. Such as the head office of ABN AMRO. Redesign of shopping areas, lounges and parking garages, all at Schiphol. And not so long ago the data center along the A7. Over the past 50 years, John has seen construction change from a construction site full of cowboys to responsible professionals who conduct a last minute risk analysis. John has been involved with the company from the start and knows everyone who works and has worked there.

After starting for Jan, John started his steel career under the inspiring leadership of Jaap Jongejans. Since 1986, John has been working under Harry Jongejans, the 3rd generation. And not only that, in the last months before his retirement John also welcomed the 4th generation of Jongejans – son Max -. And that is quite unique these days.

We thank John for his drive, loyalty and craftsmanship. Who knows what Holland Staal would have looked like without you!