Policy Statement

Holland Staal’s objective is to produce and deliver products and services that meet the requirements, wishes and expectations of our customers and that comply with the legal regulations.┬áTo achieve this, we consider the following policy necessary

De organization must be focused on:

  • Improving efficiency, productivity, and shortening lead times.
  • Creating a work environment where all employees feel comfortable, valued, and can work safely.
  • Prevention of environmental impact and improvement of environmental performance.

To achieve this we think it is important that:

  • The customer’s requirements are optimally inventoried.
  • There is clarity regarding the organization, working methods, responsibilities, and authorities, and these are well-coordinated.
  • Processes are optimally organized: analyzed for risks concerning potential deviations and with implemented measures at critical places.
  • We have skilled employees at all locations who can properly perform the tasks assigned to them.
  • There are sufficient and suitable resources and facilities to carry out the work properly, efficiently, adequately, and on time.
  • Employees can work pleasantly in a good and safe working environment.
  • The effects of our business operations on people, the environment, and society are taken into account, and improvements are made where possible.
  • We know who we work with and how they work to prevent occupational health and safety abuses and risks.
  • Work is carried out in accordance with the Building Decree, applicable standards, and occupational health and environmental legislation.
  • Shortcomings are immediately and adequately identified and corrected.
  • A good relationship is maintained with clients, the environment, and government agencies by limiting nuisance and carefully handling complaints.

To guarantee continuous improvement of our work, processes have been established that monitor, guarantee, and improve performance in terms of quality, efficiency, profitability, customer satisfaction, safety, health, and the environment. To ensure this, we are VCA* certified and NEN-EN 1090-1 certified.

The underlying management system supports our current policy and the achievement of our business objectives. Annually, plans will be drawn up to record our priorities and objectives in the policy.

Holland Staal B.V.

January 9, 2023